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Hydraulic Filter Cartridge,Ceramic Cartridge Manufacturer and Exporter  
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Industrial Filter - Industrial filter systems and Filter Media in India

Industrial Filter, Hydraulic Filter, Cartridges Filter and Housings Manufacturer Ahmedabd - India.

We take pleasure to introduce our self as a team of qualified and experience team of engineers involved in filtration business. Most of our engineers are trained and having more than 10 years of experience in providing industrial and hydraulic filter to the Indian industry.

Based on fluid parameters, we design and select the filter cartridge from our wide range and manufacture required filter housing in C.S., M.S., M.S.R.L., S.S. 316, S.S. 304 and give total solution to the end users or traders. We have been able to offer filters for most demanding applications from single source.

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Hydraulic Filter Cartridge,Polypropylene Spun Filter,Resin-Bonded Filter Cartridge



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  • Ceramic Cartridge

  • Filter Housing

  • Hydraulic Filter Cartridge

  • PTFE Cartridge


Techno-filt  design and contract manufacturing of industrial pressure filter systems certified under quality management system  - ISO 9001:2008.

Techno-Filt International is a leading manufacturer Industrial Filter Company in India. Want to find Industrial filter systems and Cartridge Filter?. We offer " Hydraulic Filter", " SS Cartridges", " Wound Filter Cartridge", " Resin Cartridge"," Pleated Cartridges"," SS Wire Mesh Cartridge"," Pleated Polypropylene Cartridge"," PTFE Cartridge"," Polypropylene Cartridge,",Sintered Powder Cartridge"," Polypropylene Spun Filter"," Backwashable Filter and Strainers.


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General Service:

R. O. Pre-filter, Rinse water, D. M. Water etc.

General process Industry:
Printing ink, adhesives, liquid detergents, dyes & intermediates, paper coating, electro pleating solution, metal etching solution, audio, video tape, E.D. paint etc.


Monoethanolamine and diethanolamine for gas scrubbing, monomers, polymes, glycols, herbicides and pesticides, catalysts, product polishing, photoresists, acids, bases, solvents, deep disposal well fluids etc..

Film and Fibre industry:

 Monomers, quench water, slurry additives, delustrants, slip agents, D.I. water, Solvents, spin finish, aqueous salt solutions etc.


Pharmaceutical Industry:

SVP & LVP, Opthalmics, Oral medications, washing water etc.

Biological Industry:

Serum fractions, tissue culture media, vaccine preparations, groth media kameup water, disgnostic sera etc.

Electronic Industry:

Photoresists, acids, bases solvents, etchant liquid mixtures, cryogenic gases, D.i. water, R.O. guard filter, water purification etc.

Fermentation Industries:

Liquid growth media, makeup water, intermediates, final liquid products, additives etc.


Food & Beverage Industry:

Potable liquids, wine, beer, soft drinks, flavours, storage tank/reactor vents, corn syrup, edible oils, milk etc.

Cosmetics Industries:

Toiletries, aftershaves, perfumes, oils, lotions, creams, ointments, shampoos, body rinses, mouthwashes etc.

Hydraulic Industries:

In-Line Filters, Duplex Filters, Return Line Filters, Suction Filter, Suction Strainers, Brieathers, Spinon Filters etc.


Cartridges Filter

Wound Filter Cartridge

Polypropylene Spun Filter

Resin Cartridge

Hydraulic Filter

Backwashable Filter

Efficiency Of Filtration

Basic Filtration

SS Cartridges

SS Wire Mesh Cartridge

S.S. Filament Cartridge

Sintered Powder Cartridge

Pleated Cartridges

Pleated Polypropylene Cartridge

PTFE Cartridge


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Techno-Filt specializes in manufacturer and exporter of Industrial Filter like Housing, Self Cleaning filter, Sintered S.S., Ceramic, PTFE, Wound, Polypropylene Cartridge - Supplier Company based in Ahmedabad [Gujarat] India.